Golebaone Senai
Golebaone Senai , Principal Health Officer- Environmental and Occupational Health Division, Btech.Environmental Health
Golebaone Senai ,  has 20 years’ experience in the field of environmental health , with 16 years served at the local authorities and 4 years in developing environmental health policies.
She is the Ministry’s focal point on the Rotterdam Convention on Prior informed Consent and Minamata Convention on Mercury. These are Multilateral Environmental Agreements aimed at promoting shared responsibility and cooperative efforts among Parties in the international trade of certain hazardous chemicals in order to protect human health and the environment from potential harm.
She is a member of the Agro Chemicals Board and BOBs Hygiene maintenance and Cleaning Chemicals Technical Committee  responsible for developing standards for cleaning chemicals.
Currently studying (final year) towards MSc Medicine - Exposure Science (Witwatersrand University) .

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