Ms Ijeoma Salorin

Ijeoma is a researcher based at the Climate and Health Directorate at Wits RHI. She is involved in several projects at the directorate including coordinating a systematic review for the Heat center and qualitative analysis on heat-health interventions for the Climate, Heat, and Maternal and Neonatal Health in Africa (CHAMNHA) project.
With an MPH from Emory University Rollins School of Public Health,
Ijeoma has extensive research and public health experience having worked on various research projects spanning 3 continents mostly focused on addressing health inequalities affecting minority groups and immigrant populations.
Her research interests lie in the impacts of climate change and health, social determinants of health and health inequalities especially as they relate to Maternal and Child health, Sexual and reproductive health, and migrant/minority health.
She is committed to producing high-quality health research, understanding this plays a central/key role in informing health policy and strengthening health systems in African countries.

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